Day 50 – I knit quite a few more rounds on the stripey hat.

But, before you can say that I’m back into the 366 days of making…

Day 51 – I just wasn’t feeling it.  So nothing got done.

Day 52 – Back on the horse again.  Knit more rounds on the stripey hat and rows of the basketweave scarf.  I’m now on ball of yarn number two on the hat – 3 more inches of rounds until I start the decrease.  I’m on ball of yarn number three on the scarf.  I may not need to get into the fourth… it is looking pretty long already.


Day 53 – Even though it was a stupid long day and I was very tired, I forced myself to do something.  So I started a new pair of fingerless mitts.  One that I’m reworking a pattern for.  What was I thinking?  I’m adjusting the pattern from straight needles to dpns, and the palm from purl to knit.  Oh, and it’s a cable pattern.  I’ll be doing cables in the round, while making sure that I’ve adjusted the knits and purls properly.

Day 54 – Long, long, long day.  No energy for crafting.

Day 55 – Another long day.  But I squeaked out a row on the new mitts.  I think the yarn is too big for the pattern.  They may end up being legwarmers!  Or being frogged.

Days 56 onwards – bits and pieces of knitting got done.  But nothing else has.  I think I have officially given up on the challenge.  January was easy.  Hibernation and cleansing is conducive to crafting.  Regular life, for me, right now, just isn’t conducive to forced crafting.


Further musings on the 366 days of making challenge:

Day 36:  I had a very productive evening, even though I was coming down with a cold.  I darned two pairs of gloves.

And I finished my valentine’s bunting!  The heart-shaped buttons are my favourite!

v banner

It’s a little lost on my red wall.  Next year I should probably put it on a neutral wall instead!


Day 37:  I hit the 30% off sale at Dressew.  And brought home more fabric than I should have (see previous post).  But I got so inspired by all the crafting options while I was there!

I worked a bit on a couple of projects as I nursed my cold.  And dreamed big dreams of alllll the things I want to make.


It was all going so well!


Day 38:  Superbowl day.  The first day I didn’t make a darned thing.  I totally forgot to.  I slept in (sick, you know) and then went straight to the pub to meet my football fan friends for hours of pre-game and then the game.  And then we all went to a friend’s house afterwards to keep the marvelous friend times going.  After a month of hibernation, it was really great to spend time with friends.

And that’s how I totally forgot to make anything.


Day 39:  I knit a row on the basketweave scarf.  Still sick, I spent most of the day on the deck enjoying the amazing sunshine and reading a book.

Day 40:  The plague really hit.  Soooo tired.  Sooooo achey.  Totally unable to do anything.  Including eat.

Days 41, 42, 43:  See above.

Day 44:  Emerging from the haze.  Just in time to go to Ciderwise, a lovely cider tasting event in Vancouver.  Making things was just not on my mind when I got home.  Apparently a few days of being too sick to do anything broke me of the habit of thinking “gotta make something”.

Days 45, 46, 47, 48 and 49:  Busy getting back into the swing of life.  And catching up on all the things that needed doing after being off for a week, and with friends who I’d been ignoring since Christmas.  And frankly, not really feeling like making anything at all.  It crossed my mind a few times.  I went into the craft room and looked at things.  That’s as far as it got, though.


So, do I get to still say I’m doing the 366 days of making challenge?  I’ve missed 11 days.
Can I come back from this?

I just went in for batting, I swear!

Dressew had a 30% off everything in the store sale.  So of course I HAD to pick up more fabric.  I mean, my stash isn’t big enough until it’s spilling out of the craft room, right?

red 2


black 2

And these bright and fun houndstooth fabrics:


And last, but not least, this enormous piece of totally cheap black and white gingham.  It was on the clearance rack, so who knows what it’s made of, but it washed just fine.
(The pillows in the photo are made from some favourite Alexander Henry fabrics).

I intend to use it as the backing to a duvet cover I’ve been planning to make for approximately 100 years now.


And yes, I did come home with a big fluffy roll of 100% cotton batting.

On which I intend to do some quilt-as-you-go experiments.

Days 28, 29, 30, 31 and 32:  The purge and reorg continues, and with it me just managing to knit a few rows of the stripey hat each day to say that I’ve made something.

And I frogged the arms and yoke of a child’s cardigan I made forever ago, but could never get to fit properly.  But since I hate frogging, I’ve kept a lot of it and expect it will eventually become a blanket.  There’s a good start to it in the body of the cardigan, and a whole bin of shetland chunky yarn to continue with.  I think I need round needles though, the stitches juuuust barely fit on a straight needle and I envision lots of dropped stitches and frustration if I were to continue on with them.

Day 33:  More rows of the stripey hat.  But… I’m finally done the 4″ of ribbing!  Next time I pick it up I get to switch needles and just knit my way around and around for another 7″.


Days 34 and 35: I knit around and around for 3 rows each day.  After I went to lovely beer events.  Take that Sobuary!  And welcome February!

But, so that there’s at least one more photo in this boring post, here’s how I’m getting around having an excess of large mixing bowls and not enough yarn storage.  Put the yarn in the bowls!


Let’s pretend that I don’t already have far too much fabric in my stash.

Then, let me show you the fabric I purchased recently!

These pieces of Michael Miller prints were picked up at the weird and wacky Dressew in Vancouver:

sugar skulls

These fat quarters were picked up a couple of years ago (and just now unearthed, unwashed, in the purge/reorg) when I had a Fabricland membership:


These beauts were ordered online from Hawthorne Threads (some were on sale, which totally justifies the purchase):





I may be far too taken with these anchors to ever make anything out of them.  Sometimes I just want to hoard amazingly gorgeous fabrics.  To take them out and look at at them.  Somehow cutting into them just seems wrong…
I should probably seek professional help.

anchor closeup

Day 25 – More craft room purge and reorg.  And some rows knit on the basketweave scarf.  Including the fixing of an error on the scarf.  I had dropped a stitch at some point, which I only noticed when I got to the next cabling row (as I didn’t have enough stitches on the needle).  Sure enough, there was the dropped stitch, just hanging there, patiently waiting for me to get my head out of my butt and notice it.  Yay for easy fixes!  Only frogging of the current row required, and a pick up all the way back up.

Day 26 – Continuing with the craft room purge and reorg, and feeling like I should have started the project a year (or two) ago.  It boggles my mind how a fairly organized person like myself can just dump stuff and go merrily along my way for a long while; then one day get the idea that I need to reorganize one drawer in the craft room, which led to another and another and then the whole room, all the while being so judgmental of the thoughtless person (past me) who couldn’t be bothered to find proper homes for things in the first place – and who hoarded so much stuff I never really liked or will ever use.  Fortunately current me is very pleased with me for the work I’m doing, and is giving past me a break about the bad habits – provided they are now broken and future me keeps up the good works of current me.

Anyway… what I made:  I finished one of the valentine’s buntings I cut and punched last week.  This one is for the office.  I’ll post a hanging photo once we get it strung up there.


I also got several more rows done on the stripey hat.  And figured out that I had managed to screw up somewhere along the line.  I think what I did was knit a row just to say I did some making one day.  Picked it up to do the same another day and rather than knitting it the right way around, went backwards.  Then did this again.  So when I came back to it, today there was a hole at the finish/start rows point.  Because I am lazy; because this hat is for me; because I wasn’t thinking terribly clearly late in the evening; just because – I chose to sort of fill in the hole and keep knitting rather than frogging several rows of over 100 stitches to properly fix the error.  I hate frogging.  It just seems so wrong to undo effort.  So I do avoid it at all costs.  Which can mean that I have small mistakes in a lot of my knitting for myself.  It adds to the charm of handmade, right?

hat progress

I have been knitting and netflixing.  This seems to be causing me to make mistakes.  I’m not going to stop doing it, but I really do need to pay a bit more attention to the making!

Day 27 – While I’m being hard on myself, I’m going to add in that I didn’t technically “make” anything on Day 27.  I did frog some old knitting projects though.  So I’m counting that “unmaking” as my making.  I justify this because in doing so, I reclaimed the materials with which to make a new thing some day.

Continuing on with the 366 Days of Making:

Day 18 – I knit more rows on the basketweave scarf.  It’s looking good!

Day 19 – I got carried away again – this time on making labels for the files in my filing cabinet and re-organizing them – so it came down to quickly slapping more washi tape on the craft credenza before I hopped into bed.  It’s a good thing there are so many shelf and divider edges on it.  It is saving my bacon on the days I’m getting engrossed in my purge/reorg.  Although, really, is there ever any shortage of things that wouldn’t look better with a bit of washi tape colour on them?

Day 20 – I got inspired by a post (that I can’t seem to find again) about making a memory board out of wood and elastic.  I had an old canvas lying around from 100 years ago when I convinced myself that the way to get more original art in my home was to make some myself.  Ha!  You actually have to be good at painting to want to hang a painting you made yourself…  But, I thought to myself, what a great substitute for a piece of wood as the background of the memory board – and a way to use that languishing canvas.


embarrassing paint on canvas

embarrassing paint on canvas

However… it’s too bright.  It needs some weathering.  So I sanded it.  And sanded it.  And got some good weathering on it.  But not enough.  My arms were tired though, so I set that aside for further sanding this weekend.


partially sanded canvas

I then turned my attention to clearing up my craft room.  It has been a dumping ground for far too long and part of my purge and reorg is to make it functional again.  I took a cardboard box that I had been using to dump half-finished projects into and washi taped the front of it.  Now it houses my dusters and sham-wows in the pantry.

washi taped cardboard box

washi taped cardboard box

Day 21 – Continuing on in the craft room reorg, I washi taped another cardboard box (from my iphone) that now houses photo corners and stickers.

washi taped cardboard box

washi taped cardboard box

Days 22, 23 and 24 – I’m obsessed with the purge and craft room reorg, so I spent all my spare time this weekend attacking new areas of the room.  I don’t think I realized just how out of control the room had become.  I’ve made very good progress, but I am still a long way from finished.  In the process, I’ve been making messes and clearing them up, only to make another mess, and so on.  There hasn’t been an available surface to work on any new projects.  It feels really great to see the progress, though – all the junk leaving the house and the remaining bits and pieces more organized and accessible!

Which is all my way of saying that the only “making” I did this weekend was to knit a few more rows on the stripey hat on Friday night, and some more rows on the basketweave scarf on Saturday and Sunday.